The Jim, Rick, Tom, & Zach Shirt is back!

The Jim, Rick, Tom, & Zach shirt has returned with a new design and is back for a limited time only! We now have multiple color options as well as both men and women’s sizes available. The shirts are on sale until July 16 and you can purchase them here.

Jim Adkins Live From The Living Room

Jim recently played a solo show in his living room to raise money for the EBB foundation. We were able to obtain a recording of the show which you may download on our media archive. During the show Jim also mentioned what his upcoming solo plans are, which include releasing new singles and cover songs as well as touring.  Read more

Jimmy Eat World to play Taste of Chaos

Jimmy Eat World have just been announced to play Taste of Chaos Festival in San Bernardino, CA along with The Used, Dashboard Confessional, Thrice and more. The show is on October 3 and tickets go on sale June 22nd, check back later for a ticket link.

The Wretched Desert featured on Washed Up Emo

Zach and his wife Holly are on the latest episode of Washed Up Emo. Check out the description below and listen to the podcast here.

Description: Jimmy Eat World are taking off the better part of a year. What does the drummer do with that down time after 20+ years on the road? Zach Lind spends as much time as he can with his wife Holly and in time, they started making music together. I talk to both of them about their side project The Wretched Desert, faith, thoughts on emo and how they kept in touch in those early days of Jimmy Eat World.