Rick Interviewed by Fort Worth Weekly, Discusses Vinyl Represses

Rick recently did an interview with Fort Worth Weekly where he mentioned upcoming vinyl represses.

“Burch said the members of Jimmy Eat World are now working on re-releasing some of their early singles and albums in a different format to satisfy younger fans. Yep, Jimmy Eat World has been around long enough to have young adult fans just now discovering their sound. The format for the re-releases won’t be mp3, but vinyl LP disc.”

Check out the interview here.

Jim Reflects on Weezer’s Blue 20th Anniversary

Jimmy Eat World—one of the smartest, most enduring bands to emerge from the ’90s pop-punk explosion—had just formed when Weezer’s classic debut dropped. On the album’s 20th birthday, frontman Jim Adkins graciously recounts the story of Jimmy Eat World’s first brush with the brilliance of The Blue Album for us.

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