Bleed American Vinyl Repress

Jimmy Eat World’s iconic “Bleed American” album will see it’s second pressing on vinyl.

The special edition release features the complete original album with the rightfully restored album title and includes twenty-one additional rare, b-side, live or unreleased tracks pulled from singles and live performances on three 140g LPs. All audio was taken from the original recordings and remastered for this special vinyl release. Pressed on high quality, European vinyl, this is sure to be the definitive copy of Bleed American – a must own for vinyl collectors and hardcore fans. This is a second pressing and limited to 1,000 copies on Gold, Silver and Blue vinyl.

Pre-orders can be found here.

Track Listing:

A2 A Praise Chorus
A3 The Middle
A4 Your House
A5 Sweetness
A6 Hear You Me
B1 If You Don’t, Don’t
B2 Get It Faster
B3 Cautioners
B4 The Authority Song
B5 My Sundown
C1 The Most Beautiful Things
C2 No Sensitivity
C3 (Splash) Turn Twist
C4 Cautioners [Early Version]
C5 Firestarter D1 Get It Faster [Sessions @ AOL]
D2 Bleed American [Live]
D3 A Praise Chorus [Live]
D4 Softer [Live]
E1 The Midde [Acoustic]
E2 If You Don’t, Don’t [XFM Session]
E3 Game Of Pricks [Radio 1 Session]
E4 The Authority Song [Demo]
E5 My Sundown [Inner Ear Recording]
E6 Sweetness [Live]
F1 Last Christmas
F2 My Sundown [Demo]
F3 Spangle
F4 Hear You Me [Inner Ear Recording]
F5 The Middle [Early Demo]
F6 Your House [2007]